15 cute cheap wallets


15 cute cheap wallets

A wallet can form an integral part of you image and even give an impression of social status. Highlighting a woman's character, amplifying and balancing her sense of style. It isn't advisable to buy a cheap low-quality wallet, but at the same time it isn't worth spending a fortune as you may wish to update your look quite soon. This accessory be very appealing and look great when created in a cute or soul stirring way. Undoubtedly, there is some sort of social irony in choosing such an important item – a wallet which holds money, credit cards and documents – by its degree of loveliness. The contradiction of the wallet’s touching appearance and its serious purpose (of course, everyone regards the matter of money seriously) adds to the woman’s confidence, glamour and playfulness. It also helps to emphasise her current childlike look.This is a selection of our best cute wallets for women.


Classic Style

#1. Damara Women Long Faux Leather ($14.99 @ Amazon.com)
Very cute pink wallet

An example of a simple, but very lovely and inexpensive wallet of standard size. It comes in a variety of colors and is suitable for any style of clothes. The item holds many credit card slots, an ID holder, spacious banknote pockets and a zipper coin section. According to feedback, the craftsmanship is exquisite, and defective articles are very rare. The wallet is made of PU leather.

#2. Doinshop Nice Fashion Lady Women Long Purse ($8.99 @ Amazon.com)
Girl-style wallet

A spacious and comfortable multi-purpose cute wallet. It is made of high-quality PU leather. It also contains many slots for discount and credit cards – 12 slots in total, with an ID holder. This item is very cheap. The color range is limited to only 6 colors.

#3. Oh Sew Chic Wallet
Sewing-themed purse

A very interesting sewing-themed wallet. Those who sew for themselves or work as tailors would certainly appreciate it. The wallet itself is perfectly manufactured and, consequently, is not very cheap. Among the additional pros there is a magnet clasp.

#4. BCL13 Short Design Purse Wallet ($4.29+shipping @ Amazon.com)
Simple sweet wallet

A very cheap, tiny and pretty wallet! One of the best price in our selection.

#5. Fineplus Women's Minnie Mouse Wallet ($24.50 @ Amazon.com)
Minnie Mouse on the wallet

Minnie Mouse, a Disney character, decorates this PU leather wallet produced by the Chinese manufacturer QQ Mouse. The item is of standard size, with many credit card holders. It also has slots for banknotes and coins. The quality of material and craftsmanship is fine. The rather high price is its only drawback.

#6. Enjoydeal Women Fashion Soft Leather Wallet ($7.98 @ Amazon.com)
Sweet elegant porte-monnaie for women

The sensible internal arrangement and the affordable price are the cons of this wallet. Nothing extra: this is simply a functional and cute-looking wallet.

Pet Theme

#7. Shagwear Women's Wallet ($27.97 @ Amazon.com)
Kitties-theme purse

A very interesting collection of pet and wildlife-styled wallets. The internal arrangement is not very ergonomic, the material is cheap, and the price could be lower. But is it even possible not to buy one? These cheap cute wallets are too appealing.

#8. Cute Lifelike Coin Money Wallet ($3.21 @ Amazon.com)
Cat face style wallets for coins

Maybe this coin purse is not particularly cute, but it is definitely extraordinary and flamboyant. It suits the tastes of those who are fond of cats and dogs. According to positive feedback, the purse may also be used as a bag for cosmetics. The price is exceptionally cheap, so don’t hesitate to buy cute wallet if you like the style.

#9. ArtsEye Genuine Leather Purse ($26.80 @ Amazon.com)
Panda walletPandas should probably be listed among the cutest animals in the world. And this envelope-style panda wallet is also adorable. The manufacturer promises 6 credit card holders, 2 cash slots, 2 interlinings and 1 zipper pocket – all things necessary. This item has an advantage: it is made of cow leather.

Owl Theme

Do you think “cute” means kittens, puppies and pandas? Then here comes the owl theme.

#10. Damara Lovely Wallet ($11.19 @ Amazon.com)
Cute owl-theme purse

You’d like to buy an inexpensive, but adorable little gift for your girlfriend? Then this lovely purse by Damara is exactly what you need!

#11. Flesser® Fuax Leather Cool Owl Wallet ($10.69 @ Amazon.com)
Sweet porte-monnaie with owl

A rather thick wallet with little internal space. The rest is standard: PU leather, ID and credit card holders. The price is reasonable.


Let's make cute, not war! :)

#12. New Peace Dove Red Small Woman's Wallet By Shagwear ($14.97 @ Amazon.com)
Pacifist-style wallet

A wallet with the “dove of peace” print. The feedback on quality and material is very contradictory, but the item has managed to enter our rating: it is still a very pretty and functional women’s wallet.

#13. Bungalow360 Vegan Natural Cotton Wallets-Fun Animal Prints ($14.29 @ Amazon.com)
Pacifist-style cotton purse

A very popular series. Its novelty is ensured by the fact that the cute cheap wallets are made of organic materials, for instance, cotton. The usability is exceptional, and the price is affordable

The Ever-Changing, Everlasting Paris

Paris is the universally acknowledged capital of romance. Everyone sometimes wishes to possess a thing that would remind them of this city.

#14. Coromose® Flower Tower Pattern Women Wallet ($4.15+shipping @ Amazon.com)
Paris-style wallet

This wallet is one of such things. It is vintage-styled, functional and sold at a moderate price.

#15. Coromose Butterfly Tower Pattern Women Long Purse ($4.26+shipping @ Amazon.com)
Pink Paris-theme wallet

One more similarly styled wallet by Coromose. It is even more adorable and romantic than the previous one, possibly because the color range comprises pink.


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