Cute Halloween Costumes for Babies


Cute Halloween Costumes for Babies

One more Halloween is over but the next one is inexorably approaching. Before you know where you are, you have to think of your image for the party. So you’d better see to it in advance. And if you have a baby, there is a great reason to choose a pretty costume for him or her and organize a photo shoot as a remembrance of the event. Dressed up as a merry toon or a character from comic books your kid will look so nice and funny. These photos will adorn your family photo album and will please you many years later. Do not miss this opportunity and we will help you choose the best cute baby Halloween costumes.

Unisex Costumes

#1. Cute As Can Be Lamb Baby Costume (@

Super-cute Lamb Baby CostumeA charming and delicate costume in which your baby will be happy to celebrate the first or second Halloween in his or her life.

For 6-24 months-old child

#2. Dress Up America Cute Little Baby Duck (@

Little Baby DuckA very nice yellow costume with an average 4.7 rating. You won’t regret if you choose this delightful costume for your child for Halloween.

For 6-24 months-old child

#3. InCharacter Unisex-baby Infant Monster Costume (@

Infant Monster CostumeA monster costume: three sizes for different ages. There are also colors for girls only. See below.

For 6-24 months-old child

#4. InCharacter Unisex-baby Infant Lion Costume (@

Unisex-baby Lion CostumeA nice and very popular costume. But there are complaints about the quality ‒ some kits looked well-worn.

For 6-24 months-old child

Cute Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

#5. Minnie Mouse Infant Costume (@

Minnie Mouse Girl CostumeYour baby will be the highlight of the party in this apparel. However, there are some complaints about excessive fabric prickliness which causes discomfort.

For 12-18 months-old child

#6. Pink Poodle Infant/Toddler Halloween Costume (@

Pink Poodle Halloween CostumeA very charming poodle costume. When your little girl grows up, it can be used to dust the house ... This is a joke, of course.

For 12-18 months-old child

#7. Rubie's Costume Noah's Ark Pinky Winky Monster Romper Costume (@

Pinky Winky Monster CostumeA version of a monster costume for girls. Your daughter or granddaughter will look delightful in it. Still it has a few drawbacks ‒ it's pretty warm and “the wool” sticks to everything.

For 0-18 months-old child

#8. Lil Bunny Caped Cutie Costume - Infant (@

Very Cute Bunny CostumeA very “kind” Halloween costume. It will do for Easter as well. Some parents are displeased that the ears of the “rabbit” do not stand like in the picture in the description to the lot.

For 0-24 months-old child 

#9. InCharacter Newborn Pink Elephant Costume (@

Infant Pink Elephant CostumeAlthough the seller claims that this costume is unisex we believe that pink is not the best color for boys. But other than that it is a very gentle and sweet costume at an affordable price.

For 0-24 months-old child

#10. Kids Black Kitty Halloween Costume (@

Cutie Cat Halloween Costume for Little Girl"Cutest costume ever!". If everything suits you, buy it without hesitation. Both you and your baby daughter will love the costume and the photos will make you happy for many years to come.

For 6-24 months-old child

Cute Baby Boy Halloween Costumes


#11. Superman Romper Costume With Removable Cape (@

Baby Boy Superman CostumeAre you raising a hero in your family? Then this Superman costume will be to his taste. Your child will not want to get out of it. The costume is not without drawbacks, thus the tailoring isn’t of high quality but at such a low price it's excusable.

For 0-24 months-old child

#12. Rubie's Costume Infant Oatmeal Bear Jumpsuit Costume (@

Bear Halloween JumpsuitThis is probably the only costume in our selection that isn’t made from polyester. There are some complaints about the disproportion of certain elements. Still, shopping for cute Halloween costumes for babies at Walmart may help you save a few dollars.

For 0-24 months-old child

#13. Lil' Vampire Costume: Baby's (@

Vampire CostumeA Count Dracula costume of high-quality and of appropriate size. Your boy will be the sweetest vampire in the world.

For 12-18 months-old child

#14. Rasta Imposta Hot Dog Bunting (@

Hot Dog JumpsuitIn the hot dog costume your child will look very appetizing. An original choice for Halloween. But the problem is that the fleece fabric the costume is made from is likely to be too hot for the child. So it is recommended only for a short photo shoot.

For 3-9 months-old child

#15. InCharacter Tiger Costume (@

Cute Baby Boy Tiger CostumeOf course, a girl can also be a tiger cub, yet this costume is rather for boys. Perhaps it is not of the best quality and the size does not always accurately fit but it’s worth the money and your kid will be a star of the party.

For 0-18 months-old child


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